The Studio

Rēclaim & Rēwild offers design, production and curation services.

Our commercial projects include:
● Creative Concepts - for spaces and installations
Sourcing - vessels, sculpture and vintage decor

● Design & production - reworked vessels and sculpture

Our trade projects include:
● Sourcing - vessels, sculpture and vintage decor

● Batch production of reworked vessels, vases and sculpture

Our design philosophy is rooted in conscious creation, and expressed through values such as timelessness, handmade, natural and re-imagined materials. We also hold a deep appreciation for the essence and embodiment of Wabi-Sabi. The idea of “perfectly imperfect” art is at the heart of our brand.

We value connection and collaboration and support artisans globally. We invite guest artists to share their collections with us and also work together on projects.

Rēworked objects are thoughtfully sourced vases, sculptures, lamps, wall art and more... Our goal with the reworked line is to salvage and reduce waste; with the end result being a more modernized object for any space. We are inspired by shape, texture and form, which makes the one of a kind process so unique and special.

Rēwild means to restore and reclaim the essence of well-being in the sacred space we call home. Continuing the legacy of vintage pieces in our spaces, inspires deeper connections, interesting stories and lasting memories.