Rēclaim & Rēwild

Life is always about reimagining and reinventing. It’s the ongoing art of transformation. Whether in life or at home, we gravitate towards objects and spaces that reflect the energy we desire, and the mood we want to convey.

The Studio

Rēclaim & Rēwild is a interior decor design studio. We offer restoration and redesign services, straight through to full creative direction on large scale projects and installations. We source vintage and preloved home decor, and redesign it for a more modernized aesthetic.

Our collections of one-of-a-kind pieces are typically used for commercial projects. From final styling to custom installations, we work with restaurants, retailers, interior designers, and real estate stagers.

We also carry vintage and reworked pieces in our shop for everyone to enjoy.

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Meet the Creator

Alicia launched Rēclaim & Rēwild, a lifestyle and art studio in 2020.

She is a curator, designer and restoration artist focusing on vessels and vintage home decor. She started by salvaging vessels on their way to landfills, giving them a second life for a more modern and timeless appeal. The studio also carries hand made, and collected vessels by other artisans from around the globe.

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